At WB Transport we pride ourselves in being specialists in Innovative Transportation, Project Management, and Technology Solutions. Throughout the years, WB Transport has supported Projects throughout the Nation.

WB Transport has many years of experience in the logistics industry with a specialized focus on turn-key transport management, LTL and FTL delivery, shipment tracking, reporting and analytics. With its unique nation-wide network covering the entire geographical area of USA WB Transport has become a major player in the  Transportation Industry

Trusted by some of the nation's leading companies for over 7 years!



Mining & Energy

WB Transport helps you cover long distances and, simultaneously, increase transported load and process speed – while also saving you energy and money along with providing a high level of employee safety and equipment protection.

Industrial Manufacturing

WB Transportation Management System provides the flexible to adapt to different supplier/manufacturer philosophies and simultaneously, provide customizable service in accordance with distinctive operational characteristics.

Retail & Apparel

WB Transport services enable retail customers to make informed sourcing and transportation decisions further upstream in the supply chain, creating more nimble supply chains and improved cost control.


As a go-to logistics partner for many a modern-day nomad, WB Transport possesses invaluable experience in helping people to move their belongings from one place to another. Combining a vast network of the most trusted shipping partners with high-end software solutions, we are able to offer reliable furniture transportation/removal services at some of the best prices on the market.


WB Transport smoothly continues the precise, detailed work, which customers provide with their electronic products, with its tailor-made transport services. WB Transport offers nationwide procurement and distribution services for your  electronic components, by every feasible means of transport.


WB operate around the clock in order to support the global aerospace industry with an in-depth knowledge of export and import, customs clearance and by utilising our national operating logistics Desk, we deliver tailor-made aerospace solutions around the clock.

Our Values

We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to meet all state and federal regulations for environmental protection.


We put safety first – for each other, our communities and our environment. We do things the right way, the first time. Our workplaces are collaborative and supportive. We take care of each other and we constantly seek to improve the safety of our operations, from trucks and docks to warehouses and data centers


We ask, ‘What if?’ – We’re boldly optimistic about reinventing industries and shaping the future of how business can meet customer needs. We embrace change. That’s how we discover original ways to solve challenges and create wins for our customers and their customers.


We listen. We’re leaders in creating new markets, spotting unnoticed opportunities and discovering smart ways to tackle challenges because we listen to our employees, our partners and our customers. We pull together to reimagine how business gets done. Respect for each other’s individual strengths drives this collaboration.


We’re curious. We push boundaries through game-changing ideas – the kind of advances no one else thinks are possible. We have the passion to invest in pioneering technologies that will help our customers come out on top.


We celebrate individuality. We take pride in making our workplaces inclusive. By welcoming everyone—regardless of gender or gender identity, race or ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability—we create a diversity of talents and perspectives. We stand for integrity, celebrate individuality and know we can always learn more from each other, our customers and the communities we serve.



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